The new spectrum that鈥檚 expanding wireless connectivity.


creating new possibilities.

Until recently, enterprises and other large-scale organizations that want to expand wireless coverage in or around their facilities had to rely on either wi-fi or 4G. By nature, the 4G networks from wireless service providers are not customizable and aren’t always ideal for handling large amounts of data easily or cost effectively. While wi-fi solves some of those issues, security, interference and mobility support are consistent concerns. A neutral host approach to deploying custom wireless networks over Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum could provide a solution to many of these challenges. 

CBRS is changing what鈥檚 possible.

Solutions that utilize newly available CBRS radio spectrum allow organizations to set up their own private LTE, and soon 5G-NR networks. It’s known as the “innovation band” for a reason, and offers many benefits. 

Improved performance

Greater speed and capacity.

A dedicated, private wireless network gives you greater speeds and allows you to accommodate significantly more devices. It can be set up for indoor or outdoor use—complementing wi-fi and small cell coverage. 

Increased security

A private network offers better protection.

You can decide which devices have access to the network. This keeps your data protected and resistant to external attacks.  

More flexibility

Tailor your network to your specific needs.

CBRS spectrum is open for any organization to use, so you can create the specific kind of network you require. That means you can prioritize needs like latency, speed, capacity and reliability, so you can do more with your wireless network. 

Maximum scalability

Build to the size you need.

When implemented as part of a neutral host solution, CBRS is flexible enough to support multiple wireless carriers as well as dedicated private networks. This allows you to scale your network as needed. 

Expanded access

Opportunity for all.

Due to the unique nature of CBRS spectrum, capital investment and organization size no longer dictate who can set up a private, custom wireless network. 

How industries are using CBRS.

The flexibility of CBRS makes it an ideal solution for many types of companies and organizations. Explore below to see how CBRS is transforming different industries.  

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate developers and building owners can use CBRS to create dedicated networks for a number of purposes: 

  • Support nearly limitless IoT networks to keep the pulse on occupancy, improve HVAC efficiencydeploy advanced security solutions and more.  
  • Support video, chat and other enhanced communications, like dynamic push notifications, that are structured based on whoever is using your facilities. 
  • Target communications to residents, visitors and guests based on where they are in your facilities. 

Read about how we helped The Rudin Family launch the first multi-tenant CBRS network at 345 Park Avenue.


CBRS allows venues to push their high-capacity networks even further. A private LTE network can give your guests fast, reliable wireless connectivity with guaranteed quality of service—critical for things like ticket scanners and point-of-sale devices. And as you welcome large crowds back into your venue and make it safe for people to congregate, you’ll have more than enough capacity to support things like biometric scanners, temperature checks and advanced IoT-enabled air filtrations systems—without congesting your network. 


As students begin returning to schools, CBRS can add new coverage and capacity to support advanced and remote learning technologies. It can extend school networks and even provide internet access to underserved students’ homes. CBRS also gives administrators the capability to deploy location-specific information and alerts to students, faculty and staff.  


CBRS provides healthcare organizations a scalable, cost-effective solution that enables them to enhance their patient care and deploy new technologies seamlessly. Uses include: 

  • Extra data capacity to support a medical IoT network that’s walled off from external attacks. 
  • Better network coverage throughout every corner of your facilities so patients, family and staff are always connected. 
  • Support for high-bandwidth technologies like augmented reality and remote diagnostics. 


Retailers can leverage CBRS to create better retail experience for shoppers while also driving increased revenue. You’ll have the flexibility to integrate innovative and differentiated shopping experiences into in-person interactions. For example, you can send location-based notifications to shoppers, or customers can use augmented reality to “try on” products virtually before they buy. Because CBRS is private and secure, your point-of-sale devices are better protected from security breaches. 


CBRS is opening up additional shared spectrum adjacent to what fixed wireless internet service providers already utilize. In short, this means you don’t have to change the way you do business. The additional spectrum, however, will give you a number of benefits: 

  • More consistent, guaranteed quality of service. 
  • A larger ecosystem of end user devices that utilize 4G and soon 5G technology. 
  • The ability to provide private LTE connectivity that gives your customers greater security. 


Through grid modernization, utilities are transforming their operations to be more efficient and safe. This means ensuring that your networks have enough connected sensors and devices to gain complete visibility and control—improving efficiency throughout the grid. CBRS can also be used to provide early alerts and warnings for outages, downed power lines or other safety concerns. And since the network is private, it adds an extra layer of security that’s more important than ever. 


Manufacturers can use CBRS to support a dedicated IoT network which can then be used to track assets, control robotics and create advanced security systems. Robotics-based autonomous equipment can reduce human error and introduce new efficiencies. The network is scalable so you can add many devices, IoT sensors, trackers, cameras and machines. Advanced automation or remote control systems are also easily accommodated. 

CBRS by the numbers.

  • 70%

    of commercial buildings have insufficient indoor wireless coverage

    (OnGo Alliance)
  • $4.5B

    was raised in the CBRS spectrum auction

    (Light Reading)
  • 20%

    potential increase in a CRE property's value by installing CBRS


Connectivity is more than 50% of the cost of Industrial IoT solutions. For our industries, OnGo plays a crucial role in fostering growth.

Jennine S. formerly GE Ventures

We鈥檙e at the center of CBRS.

Our towers, small cells, fiber and on-net buildings are critical to the deployment of scalable, neutral host solutions that use CBRS spectrum. That’s why we’ve been involved in its development from the beginning. As an active member of the OnGo Alliance, we’ve been collaborating with wireless providers, government regulators, equipment manufacturers and more to ensure the success of the technology. With so much opportunity on the horizon, we’re ready to help.  

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